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Dacotah Bank Center Achieves Sensory Inclusive Certification

Brookings, S.D. (08/16/2023) – Dacotah Bank Center, managed by OVG360, is proud to announce its official partnership with KultureCity, solidifying its dedication to becoming a sensory inclusive venue for all events. In line with this initiative, the entire team, comprising both full- and part-time staff members, undergoes comprehensive training to ensure the utmost inclusivity for every attendee.

This groundbreaking endeavor is designed to enhance the experience of guests facing sensory challenges. The well-prepared staff at Dacotah Bank Center has received specialized instruction to adeptly identify and address the needs of individuals with sensory sensitivities, especially in situations involving sensory overload. To further contribute to a comfortable environment, the center offers sensory bags, thoughtfully outfitted with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, and verbal cue cards. These resources are available to any guest who may feel overwhelmed by the sensory aspects of the surroundings.

Sensory sensitivities, often experienced by those with conditions such as autism, dementia, and PTSD, can result in challenges related to sensory regulation. A prevalent obstacle for these individuals involves heightened sensitivity to stimuli and noise, which can be particularly pronounced in a bustling venue like the Dacotah Bank Center. By achieving this certification, the center has positioned itself as a haven for guests with sensory sensitivities, ensuring their attendance at events is marked by the utmost comfort and consideration.

As part of its continuous commitment to excellence, Dacotah Bank Center diligently conducts ongoing training sessions for both full- and part-time staff members, aligning with the latest standards in safety and hospitality industries. Patrons of the center can anticipate a stellar customer service experience, coupled with a strong sense of well-being and security throughout their visit. Dacotah Bank Center has consistently upheld its reputation as an epitome of "Midwest hospitality at its best."

For more information on the Dacotah Bank Center, visit www.dacotahbankcenter.com, call (605) 692-7539 or follow us at www.facebook.com/dacotahbankcenter.


KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to revolutionize and effect change in the community for those with sensory needs.


The Dacotah Bank Center is a gathering place for cultural, recreational and educational events. With a 30,000 square foot arena, state-of-the-art banquet rooms, conference rooms and in-house catering, the Dacotah Bank Center is an international award-winning venue of excellence and one of South Dakota’s premier event centers.


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